Hi there! I am Angelika Schulze, a mother, author, and personal development champion. My work is rooted in the discovery of and connection with one’s true self.
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I have dealt with my own personal traumas, and this allows me to help you find your self-love. In addition to my first book, The Power of Your Past & the True Calling of Your Soul, I offer training and meditation in the area of holistic self-care.


I am also the creator of the Happy Reward Kid´s Chart, which I created to use with my two young children, ages five and nine. As a parent, like many others, I wanted to raise kids who were happy and had good self-esteem. That can sometimes mean not teaching them the values that we find most important because we want to give them everything we never had. I became tired of cleaning up my children’s plates after meals, and I created this chart to help other families like mine. Through trial and error, I found what worked best for my two young children and thought this chart could benefit others too.


Let me help you get the most out of life and onto the path of purpose. Feel free to look around and reach out with any questions.